Beginner's Glass Art Bootcamp

Everything You Need To Know To Get Started Creating Beautiful Glass Art

Skip all the hard knocks and learn it all in Beginner's Bootcamp!

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Go from inspired novice to confident creator in just 4 exciting, fun-filled workshops!

In this glass art Bootcamp course perfect for beginners, we create FOUR fun art pieces ranging from beginner glass sculpting to a more advanced piece using tinted resin, various paint mediums and glass scraps and baubles.

Learn where to source your glass bits, how to build your own canvas, how to tint glass, how to cut glass shapes and much, much more!

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What is Beginners Bootcamp?

Beginners Bootcamp is a Bootcamp-style course that includes four unique workshops designed to teach the basics and then improve your skills. We provide you with comprehensive videos and PDF tutorials to answer all of your questions.

Lessons include beginners glass sculpting to a more advanced piece using tinted resin, various paint mediums and glass scraps and baubles.

What you get:

  • We teach you four unique projects with comprehensive, step by step videos walking you through every step to creating your very own glass art pieces
  • Accompanying PDF Pictorials - because we all learn differently
  • Downloadable, printable traceables for those who need them
  • A Master Supply List as well as a supply list for each workshop
  • A comprehensive Resin FAQ¬†
  • Product List and Links for the best deals!

Things you will learn:

Resin Basics

  • Setting up your space to resin
  • How much resin to use
  • Eliminating drips (and what to do if you have them)
  • Resin repairs (cracks, repaints, debris etc)
  • Dealing with bubbles
  • Cleanup
  • Tinting Resin
  • Resin Expectations

Glass Basics

  • Breaking Glass & Nipping Shapes
  • Cutting Basic Shapes
  • Crushed Glass Basics
  • Honing the sharp edges
  • Sourcing Glass
  • Tinting Glass

Plasters & Paints

  • Plaster Basics
  • When to use what plaster
  • Introduction to palette knife


  • When to build your own canvas
  • How to reinforce stretched canvas
  • Using Pallet & Scrap Wood
  • Wiring your artwork

Tools & Resources

  • Beginner Tools & Where to Find Them
  • Cleaning your tools
  • Things to have on hand
  • What to Glue

Here's just a little sneak peek of what happens in
Beginners Bootcamp!

Meet Cindy

My name is Cindy Manly and I have been inspiring others to embrace their creativity as a teacher in the art industry for over 20 years!

I am the host of The Shattered Circle, an Online Creative Art Community that provides a friendly, supportive place to learn, grow and explore all things creative.

Whether you are an inspired novice, an emerging artist, or a confident creator—you'll enjoy every moment of this fun-filled artist community!

Beginner Bootcamp


  • Four unique projects ranging from beginner to confident creator

  • Step-by-step, easy to follow video lessons

  • Four PDF Pictorials with Supply List

  • Downloadable, printable traceables