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Want to create your own beautiful glass art, but don't know where to start?


Are you tired of endlessly searching Pinterest or YouTube for help only to be more confused than ever?

I get it! There is a lot of confusing information out there and it can be so overwhelming. Where do I find glass? What resin should I use? How do I cut glass?

I totally know what you’re going through! When I discovered glass art, I felt the same way. There was no one available to help me or guide me.

As an artist with a passion for teaching and years of creative experience, I decided to do what I love and help other women overcome the hurdles and work with them to find their true creative potential.

Begin your creative journey today.

In The Shattered Circle Membership Community...

Gain the skills you need

No more wasting time and money because you don’t have the proper skillset or know correct techniques.

Learn to work safely

No more wondering how to set up your space for resin art—whether it’s a dedicated space or a small corner!

Get Expert Advice

Avoid disappointment by getting expert advice on what products to use or colors to use—create art you'll love!

Join the community!

Inside The Shattered Circle our goal is to provide a friendly, supportive place to learn all things GLASS ART…whether you are an inspired novice, an emerging artist or a confident creator we have something for you here!

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What is The Shattered Circle?

The Shattered Circle is an online, membership-based creative arts group helping creatives release their inner artist through online workshops and community support.

We provide our members with comprehensive video and pdf tutorials monthly. Videos will cover a plethora of art mediums including but not limited to: glass art, resin art, mixed media, plasters, palette knife painting, stencilling, lettering, furniture finishes... and much more!

Is this for me?

Are you an inspired novice looking for direction? Or a confident creator looking for your creative niche?

Are you interested in learning, or refining, your technique and don't want to waste your time or money?

Are you looking for a community of caring and encouraging creatives who support your efforts?

If so, you're in the right place!

What do I get?

Access to monthly video workshops and tutorials, as well as step-by-step PDF documents.

Guest training from creative industry experts.

Immediate access to resources, past workshops, and recommended products and supplies.

A library of basic resin videos, PDFs, and painting tutorials.

Each tutorial is yours to view at your leisure, as long as you are a member.

AND... if you remain a member of The Shattered Circle for 6 months, you will gain access to The Vault— over two years worth of art workshops!

What is the monthly content?

  • Monthly planner for event and tutorials.
  • Step-by-step glass art videos and PDF's.
  • Private Facebook community for members only.
  • Monthly LIVE Q&A sessions.
  • Monthly potluck and mini-trainings.
  • Occasional guest instructors.
  • Member selected workshops.
  • Resources and product guide.

What is the community support?

  • Occasional discounts on glass products
  • Facebook LIVES inside the private group
  • Community support from other creatives
  • Member spotlight
  • Monthly challenges and/or goals


Our members will continue to help shape and mold our group and its future content.

All members will be locked in at their joined rate as long as they remain a member in good standing.

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Here's just a little sneak peek of what you'll get access to inside The Shattered Circle!

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Monthly Membership


  • Minimum of 2 monthly Video Tutorials

  • PDF Pictorials with Supply List

  • Private Facebook Community

  • Product discounts

  • Live Q & A

  • Monthly Potluck

  • Access to "The Vault" after 6 months, with over 2 years of workshops!
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Yearly Membership


Get 2 Months Free!

  • Minimum of 2 monthly Video Tutorials

  • PDF Pictorials with Supply List

  • Private Facebook Community

  • Product discounts

  • Live Q & A

  • Monthly Potluck

  • Instant Access to "The Vault" with over 2 years of workshops!
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Meet Cindy

My name is Cindy Manly and I have been inspiring others to embrace their creativity as a teacher in the art industry for over 20 years!

I am the host of The Shattered Circle, an Online Creative Art Community that provides a friendly, supportive place to learn, grow and explore all things creative.

Whether you are an inspired novice, an emerging artist, or a confident creator—you'll enjoy every moment of this fun-filled artist community!

What our members say
about The Shattered Circle...

The members of The Shattered Circle have been my lifeline! The love and encouragement they all show in the group has given me what I needed to do the impossible.

~Sandra B

I joined in June 2019 after losing both of my parents. I had a renewed excitement about arts and crafts. I feel like I found myself again and my love for making things.

~Susan N

I have always considered myself somewhat creative but never believed I could be an artist until I joined this group. It has given me so much more confidence in my art.

~Shanawn S