But do you recall the most famous reindeer of all? 🎄

christmas Dec 14, 2021

We're going to do a quick little piece of art that was requested by a little girl. We're going to make her a reindeer! When a seven-year-old girl asks you for a reindeer, you give it to her, right? It's really sweet and whimsical. Let’s get started!

We’re starting with a 5x7 canvas. Before we do our tracer, I am going to paint a quick coat of white and then we'll dry it with a heat gun.

I'm going to take my cute little reindeer and try to get him centered a little on
the canvas and I'm going to trace him, but I'm not going to trace his antlers because I have
something special planned for that. I'm just going to trace the outer parts of his head.

Now, we’re going to paint him brown. I’m using this Folk Art Rusted Pipe. It will take two coats and then I’m going to dry with my heat gun again.

I’m going to put the tracer back on the canvas and get the details - inside of the ears, face, eyes, nose, etc.

Now, we're going to get a small brush and we're going to fill in his cute little ears with just a little bit of this peach. I’m using Americana Warm Beige.

I want him to have some dimension, so I'm just going to add a tiny bit of white on his bangs area and the tops of his ears, and then we'll use a pen to sharpen that up. I’m also going to do a little bit of red on the inside of his ears.

Next, this paint is called Americana Cherry Red. Of course we have to have a red Rudolph nose.

Then, I’m going to take some white paint and give his nose a little bit of a highlight.

I use this fun pen and it is archive quality. It's a Master's Touch graphic needle drawing pen, and the size is 0.5. This is a pen that will not run when you resin over the top. (Do not ever use a Sharpie!) I'm just going to make short, quick strokes and outline his ears, bangs, and inside of the ears. Then, we're going to draw on his eyes.

So, there he is in all of his sweet little Rudolph glory! Now I have these pieces of black vitrigraph that we're going to use for his antlers. I'm just going to mess with it and see what I like.

I'm going to add some glue to his nose and I am going to add some clear glass. This way you can see the painted nose, but it will be dimensional. Once the resin goes on, this will reflect the red underneath and look like it’s red glass.

I'm going to grab my gloves and we're going to mix ¼ ounce of resin to make the tiniest amount.

Drizzle the resin over the nose and antlers to secure them to the canvas. Then, using your gloved finger, spread the resin out over the rest of the canvas.

I'm going to use my heat torch to get those bubbles out. Then, I’m going to add some Crystal Luster seed beads to his nose. I’ll use my stylus to move them where I would like them.

He is so adorable! I love him, and I think she will like him too!

If you don’t want to miss my Facebook LIVE art instruction, make sure you are on my texting list. I always text 10 minutes before I’m going to go LIVE, so you won’t ever miss it. You can text “Hey Cindy” to 901-519-2923.


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