Wooden Angels 😇

angel Oct 12, 2022

I grabbed these wooden angels from Hobby Lobby and knew I wanted to create something fun with it! This tutorial is really just me playing and adding fun stuff to these cute little angels. I am going to do a little bit of painting, adding glass, adding foil, and finishing it off with resin.

The first one I am painting a metallic purple color with some metallic teal on the body. Then, I'm painting the wings with Metallic Pearl. 

The next one, I am painting with a metallic pink - Rose Shimmer and the wings with the Metallic Pearl. I am taking some foil glue and painting that onto my angel. Let this dry. Then, rub your foil on your angel.

My next angel I am painting white. I have a stencil that I am going to use on this one's wings. Take a small stencil brush and apply some Metallic Pearl paint. Then, I am painting body gold. 

The next one I am painting with the Metallic Blue Lagoon and white wings.

My next angel is going to be painted with a silver color with the Metallic Pearl on the wings.

My last angel I will stencil the entire thing - it's painted white with a Metallic Pearl stencil.

Next, we will add resin. Mix 1 ounce of resin and stir gently for three minutes. Then, drizzle onto your angels and spread it using your gloved fingers or brush.

Use a heat gun to pop your bubbles. Keep your heat moving at all times!

Now, let's add the goodies! I am adding seed beads and glass to all of my angels. Here are the finished pieces!

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