Blue Flower Pot 💙

antique flower Jul 03, 2024

Transform a simple flower pot into a stunning piece of art with our latest tutorial! In this project, I'll show you how to create beautiful blue flowers with a unique background using stencil and antiquing techniques. You'll learn how to add napkin art to craft the flower pot, then enhance it with blue glass flowers, seed beads, and a glossy resin finish. This tutorial is perfect for beginners and packed with tips and tricks to master various techniques.

First, I'm going to create the napkin art that I will add to the flower pot. Take your tracer and place it on top of your napkin (I am using a blue floral napkin), place graphite under your tracer, and trace the pot with a stylus. Cut the flower pot out of the napkin and separate the plys until you just have the top layer of napkin art.

Set this aside. We will decoupage after we paint the background.

Paint your background with a coat of white paint. Then, I'll add Desert Turquoise in a circular motion towards the left of my canvas. I'll also add Traditional Burnt Umber in a circular motion toward the outer edges of my canvas. Dry with a heat tool. Then, I'll add some more white paint on top of this - I'll use the flat part of my paintbrush and swipe white paint on top to leave little specks on my background. I'll do the same with the Desert Turquoise. Dry with a heat tool.

I am going to use a French Script stencil and add Antique Gold with a stencil brush. I am going to go heavy on the right side of my canvas and as I move over, I will add less and less paint. Dry with a heat tool.

Next, I'm going to try a little antiquing on my canvas. Take some Traditional Burnt Umber, mist it down with water, and cover your canvas with a coat of it. Then, use an old T-shirt to wipe the paint off. Make sure you get the canvas sides too. Dry with a heat tool.

I'll add some more of the French Script stencil on top with the Antique Gold paint. Then, I'll take a foam brush and add some Antique Gold along the edges of my canvas. Dry again. 

Grab your tracer, tape it to your canvas, place graphite paper underneath, and trace your flower with a stylus. 

Add a coat of Mod Podge to the area where your flower pot will be. Place your napkin art on top and paint another coat of Mod Podge over it. Dry with a heat tool.

I'll use a combination of Olive Green and Hauser Light Green to paint on my flower stem. I'll take white paint on the corner of my brush and paint along the top and left side of my flower pot. I'll use Midnight Blue to paint under the lip of the flower pot and along the right side to create a shadow. Dry with a heat tool.

Grab your graphic pen and add detail lines to your flower stems and flower pot. I'm adding scribble lines to my stem and outlining the flower pot with short, quick strokes.

Put on your rubber gloves. Mix 1/2 ounce of resin and stir gently for three minutes. Pour a layer of resin onto your canvas and spread it using a silicone brush or your gloved fingers. Next, I'll add little blue flower to my flower stem. I'll also add a couple of gold seed beads to each flower center. Drizzle more resin on top of the flowers. I'll also add some Seafoam Crystal seed beads to my flower stem as well to create little blooms.

Finally, I'll sprinkle some smaller Seafoam Crystal seed beads to my flower pot. Drizzle some extra resin on top. Use a heat gun to pop your bubbles. Keep your heat moving at all times! 


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