Blue Hyacinth 💙

flower spring May 28, 2024

Today, we’re using a 5x7 canvas to create a beautiful blue hyacinth flower. This project stands out for its simplicity - minimal painting (only three colors!), no need for tracing, and tons of glass goodies to play with. We’ll be incorporating vibrant blue glass pieces, plastic flowers, cut glass pieces, vitrigraph, and a variety of seed beads to bring this masterpiece to life.

Start by painting your background with a coat of white paint. Then, blend in blue paint in the top area of your canvas and light green in the bottom area of your canvas. Dry with a heat tool.

Now let's add glass! I'm going to use 1/2 inch blue glass and shape it into a hyacinth flower. Then, I'll add two pieces of green glass that I nipped from a vase for the leaves and a piece of green vitrigraph to create the stem. 

Mix 1 ounce of resin and stir gently for three minutes. Pour the resin onto your glass and spread it onto your canvas using your gloved fingers or brush. ...

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Purple Lotus Flower 🪷

flower spring May 22, 2024

Let's create a stunning purple lotus flower on a 5x7 canvas! We'll paint a colorful and fun dotted background and then add glass pieces to make our flower. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a beginner, this step-by-step guide will help you create a beautiful, unique piece of art. Let's dive in!

Apply a thin coat of white paint over the entire canvas. This helps to blend other colors and gives a soft background. Squeeze out small amounts of Seashell (pastel pink), Buttercream (yellow), Wild Wasabi (green), Winter Blue (purple-blue), Spa Blue (sky blue), and white onto your palette.

Use a dotting tool to dip into Buttercream and make dots randomly across the canvas. Apply light pressure and twist slightly to form your dots. Clean the dotting tool between colors. Repeat the dotting technique with Seashell, Wild Wasabi, Winter Blue, and Spa Blue, allowing some overlap. Mix white with each color and dot around the original colors to create a gradient effect. Dry with a...

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White Textured Flower 🤍

flower spring May 15, 2024

Ever wanted to create a gorgeous flower painting but worried it might be too hard? This tutorial is for you! I'll walk you through creating a stunning white flower with amazing texture using just paint. Then, we'll take it a step further and add some sparkle with glass and resin for a fun beginner-friendly project!

We are working with a 5x7 canvas. Start by painting your background and canvas sides with Metallic Antique Gold with a sponge brush, which helps lay those metallics out better. Once you have your color on, pull the paint in one direction to lay the metallics flat. Dry with a heat tool, add a second coat, and dry again.

Next, I'll take Metallic Silver Sterling paint and apply it to my background with a palette knife. I want this to have a distressed look, so I will lightly pull the paint down in one direction. I'll do the same to my canvas sides. Dry with a heat tool.

Grab your tracer, tape it to your canvas, place graphite paper underneath, and trace...

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Cutting Board Flower

flower May 08, 2024

This tutorial will guide you through crafting a one-of-a-kind floral cutting board that I found at Hobby Lobby! We'll be using a beautiful combination of materials: cut vase glass for green leaves, cut globe glass for the petals, seed beads, crushed green glass, and even a touch of vitrigraph for a unique artistic twist. Let's turn simple pieces of glass into a piece of art that will be the star of your kitchen!

Start by painting a background on your cutting board. I am mixing white acrylic paint with water, applying it to my board really quickly, and then swiping down the board with a putty knife to pull it back off. This will give you a nice distressed white background! Dry it with a heat tool, do this same technique again, and dry it one more time. 

Lightly sand your cutting board to smooth it out. Tape off the back of your cutting board with painter's tape to avoid having any resin drips. Then, let's add glass! I am going to add green vitrigraph for the stems. I have...

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Yellow Vase Flower 🌼

flower spring Apr 23, 2024

Let's create a stunning yellow flower using cut vase glass! What makes this tutorial especially fun is its beginner-friendly approach – minimal painting is required, and no tracer is needed. Instead, we'll let the beauty of the glass itself take center stage, allowing its natural color and texture to shape the petals of our flower. 

We are using an 8x8 canvas. Start by painting your background with a coat of white acrylic paint. Then, blend in some light yellow paint. I'll also use my canvas plastic to dab my paint to give it some texture and lighten it up. Dry with a heat tool.

Now let's build a flower using glass! Take a generous amount of clear glass and add it to your canvas. This should be an organic shape, not a perfect circle. I had a yellow vase that I busted up with my pliers I will just start adding these glass pieces and layering them to create my yellow flower petals. 

For my flower center, I am going to use a glass chip piece. I also have a...

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Pink Daisy 🌸

flower spring Apr 17, 2024

In our latest project, we'll be crafting a stunning glass and resin art piece featuring a lovely pink daisy. We'll be using a variety of glass goodies like green vitrigraph, cut pieces of sheet glass, and glass bubbles to bring our creation to life. This tutorial is perfect for artists of all levels, offering a fun and accessible way to explore the beauty of glass and resin art. 

Start by painting your canvas with white acrylic paint. Then, add green acrylic paint by using a paintbrush to pull it from the bottom up. Use the tips of your bristles to add some blades of grass too. I'll add some pink acrylic paint in a circular motion on the top half of my canvas and blend in some light yellow as well. Dry with a heat tool.

Let's add our glass! I have oval shapes that I have precut from a sheet of pink glass that I will use to create my flowers. I have larger pieces that I will use for the base and then I'll layer smaller pieces on top with tacky glue. I'll also use tacky glue to...

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Flower Power 🌼

flower Apr 02, 2024

Let's dive into a groovy and unique artistic adventure today! I'm crafting a whimsical hippie-inspired flower art piece that's sure to bring a touch of retro charm to your space. During one of my Hobby Lobby adventures, I stumbled upon these glass flowers and immediately envisioned a funky 70s-style art piece. This project is simple, fun, and perfect for beginners looking to get started with glass and resin art!

I'm going to use a watercolor pencil to divide up five sections of my background. I'm doing curvy lines to create swoopy sections of color. I will paint each section with white paint and then add on light blue, dark blue, peach, orange, and pink. Paint the sides of your canvas too. Dry with a heat tool.

Grab your tracer, tape it to your canvas, place graphite paper underneath, and trace your flower vase and leaves with a stylus.

I'm going to use a liner brush to paint on my flower stems with Avocado Green. I'll also add a little bit of white paint....

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Spring Daffodil 🌼

flower spring Mar 27, 2024

Today, we'll be exploring how to create a stunning spring daffodil out of glass and resin! Using pieces cut from a glass bowl found at HomeGoods, along with vibrant green vitrigraph, crushed green glass, and delicate seed beads, we'll craft a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Whether you're an experienced glass artist or just starting out, you will love this tutorial!

To cut the petal shapes from a bowl, I used a scoring tool to score along the petal shapes of the bowl. Then, I'll line up my breaking pliers with the score line and squeeze to break off the glass pieces. Make sure you are wearing goggles and gloves to do this! Use a honing stone to dull the sharp points on your cut pieces.

Next, we'll paint our background! I am using a 4x12 canvas and a yellow-green color with white to coat the background. Dry with a heat tool.

I'd also like to create a splatter effect on the background. I'm going to mix green paint with water, dip an old toothbrush into the mixture, and run my...

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Field of Poppies 🌺

flower spring Mar 20, 2024

Let's bring to life a lovely field of poppies! With a vibrant abstract background and the playful addition of orange and red buttons, this project is sure to add a touch of whimsy to your space. What makes this tutorial extra special is that it requires no tracer, making it perfect for beginners. Whether you're just starting out or looking for a fun and relaxing project, you'll find this tutorial accessible and enjoyable.

I'm going to add some painter's tape across my canvas about 2/3 of the way from the bottom. Then, I'll paint the bottom portion of my canvas with Plantation Pine, Hauser Green Light, Antique Gold, and white. Dry with a heat tool.

I'll paint the top portion of my canvas with Shoreline blue paint. Then, I'll take some white paint, lay my brush down, and wiggle it to create clouds. Dry with a heat tool.

Next, I'm going to paint some poppy flowers in the distance on my field. I'm going to take my mop brush, dip it in Tiger Lily orange paint and Primary Red...

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Roses with Steve 🌹

flower Feb 27, 2024

I'm really excited about today's project because I've got Steve joining me to create this adorable mini rose canvas! I'll be walking you through the steps of making a simple glass art rose, and what makes it extra special is that you'll get to witness a true beginner, Steve, learning the ropes in real time. This one's perfect if you're just starting out or if it's your first venture into the world of glass and resin art. 

First, paint the sides and front of your canvas with black acrylic paint. Let dry or dry with a heat tool.

Now, we will start painting our flowers! I am using a #12 round brush and Dragonfruit, Poodleskirt Pink, and Strawberry. Start with the Strawberry (or your darkest color) and make a circle. Then, move on to your other pinks and make parenthesis with your brush to create that rose petal shape and layer each color. Next, I'll take Crocus Yellow and add some dots to the middle to create a flower center. 

Paint your leaves with...

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