Lots of Love for this Heart Trio!

heart valentine's day Feb 07, 2022

Today, we are making a heart trio with a painted heart, an animal print heart, and a glass heart. When you want to do it all, you just do it all! 

First, I'm going to start with painting my 8x10 canvas white, so we have a nice, clean slate. I'm using Anita's White. 

Next, tape your tracer to your canvas. Then, tuck your graphite paper under your tracer and trace your hearts with your stylus onto your canvas. 

I'm painting the big heart black. This will be my animal print heart, so if I don't have enough foil, it will be okay. 

Next, I'm painting my center heart a cherry red color. 

Finally, I'm painting my last heart with in an aqua blue color. (I know it seems crazy, but it looks good in my head!) Let dry or use a heat gun to dry.

To add the animal print foil, we first need to use size adhesive on the black heart. It goes on kind of white and then drys clear. Use a paintbrush to just brush the size onto the black heart. You can't force dry this, so I'll work on my other hearts while this dries.

I'm going to add a second coat of red along with some white highlights. I'm also going to add some black where the red and blue hearts meet to create a shadow effect. 

Next, I'm adding some details with my graphic pen. Just quickly outlining some of the hearts. 

It's time to add the animal print foil! Lay your foil over the black heart. Use your paintbrush, palette knife, or your finger to press the foil down in a scrubbing motion. You really want to press it hard down into the canvas. (Using your heat gun can help too!)

I'll add some details here with my graphic pen too. 

Then, I'm going to add dots to my red heart. I'm just going to paint small dots with white paint. Let dry or use your heat gun. Then, I'm going to add a second coat to them. 

Next, I'm adding some tacky glue to my blue heart to keep my glass in line. You don't have to do this, but I am going to. I'm using dark azuria glass, which is a mirrored or reflective glass. Add your glass to the blue heart. 

We're going to elevate our canvas using blocks. Mix 1 ounce of resin and stir gently for three minutes. Then, drizzle the resin right onto your glass and then spread it onto the rest of your canvas with gloved fingers. Use a heat gun or torch to pop your bubbles.

Finally, I'm going to sprinkle some clear seed beads onto my canvas background. 

This turned out so cute! I have so many heart ideas for Valentine's Day and this is just one of them!

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