Lace Heart Trio 💕


I am using an 8x16 canvas to create a trio of hearts! I am using a stencil to paint the first heart, adding foil and beads to my second heart, and adding glass to the last heart. This is very simple to make - especially if you have a few stencils in your stash! This is also a fun way to explore different embellishments, like foil, glass, and seed beads in your artwork.

Let's start by painting our background! I am using pink paint, teal paint, and white paint. Start by applying a coat of white to the entire canvas, then add the teal towards the top and the pink toward the bottom. I like keeping my strokes messy and random, blending the colors together where they meet. Dry with a heat tool.

Add your first heart using pink paint. I'll also blend in some white for highlighting. Then, grab your lace stencil, tape it to the canvas on top of your heart, and use a stencil brush to apply red paint. Dip your brush into the red, swirl some off onto a paper towel, and apply your paint in a...

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Teal Heart 💙

heart valentine's day Jul 19, 2023

We are working with an 8x10 to create a simple teal heart art piece with clear glass, seed beads, and some gold leaf flakes. Plus, I am sharing a new technique with you that you can use for lots of future art projects - reverse stenciling! 

First, we are going to paint the background of our canvas. I am using Aqua Sky and applying it to my canvas with a big, flat brush. Paint the edges of your canvas too. Dry with a heat tool.

I traced a heart onto a piece of cardstock. I'm going to cut out the heart with scissors and use that heart as my reverse stencil. 

Add a little bit of double-sided tape to your heart and place it onto your canvas so that it stays in place. Next, I'm going to use Desert Turquoise, which is a darker teal, and apply it around my heart with a stencil brush, moving in a circular motion. I'll do the same with another teal called Mermaid Tail and white paint, blending the colors as I go out toward the edges.

Remove your stencil. I'm going...

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Key To My Heart 🗝

heart valentine's day Mar 01, 2023

I am using a 6x6 canvas to create a gold heart on a black canvas, complete with a gold key and some glass and resin. You can get a gold key at pretty much any craft store, or try to find a real one at your local antique store! This piece is very simple to pull together, especially if you are using a heart stencil, which I will be demonstrating today.

First, I am going to start by painting my canvas sides and front with black paint. I am just using Anita's Black, but you can use whatever you have. I will apply this with a sponge brush. Let dry or dry with a heat gun, and add a second coat of black paint.

Next, I'll take my heart stencil and tape it to my canvas. I'll use a stencil brush to apply my gold paint. Make sure your brush isn't loaded with paint (rub some off before applying) and just pounce your paint onto the canvas. Let dry or dry with a heat gun, and do a second coat of your gold paint.

Next, I'll take a graphic pen and outline my heart on the gold paint. I'll just do...

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Valentine's Gumball Machine 💕

hearts valentine's day Feb 15, 2023

I found some cute little wooden conversation hearts at Hobby Lobby for a dollar and I knew I had to make an art piece with them! My plan is to create a gumball machine, but instead of gumballs, it will be filled with these little hearts. We are working with an 8x10 canvas along with some acrylic paint, wooden hearts, and resin.

First, we are going to start by painting the background. I am using a mix of white paint and Cactus Flower, a light pink. 

Grab your tracer, tape it to the canvas, place transfer paper underneath, and trace your gumball machine with a stylus onto the canvas. 

First, I am going to paint the red parts of my machine. Then, I'm going to paint the silver parts of my machine with Metallic Tin. I'll also add some black to that area right where the coin goes.

I'll take my tracer and just add in some of those details lines on my machine. I'm going to continue to add some extra shadows and highlights with white and black paint. Let dry....

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Monochromatic Heart 💙

heart valentine's day Feb 08, 2023

I picked up some amazing heart stencils that I am going to use today to make a monochromatic heart for Valentine's Day! I am using an 8x10 canvas and will be adding some heart stencils as well as a glass heart in the center. This one is great for beginners, quick, and easy!

First, I am going to start by painting my canvas white. Let dry. 

Then, I'm going to use Metallic White to apply some of my heart stencils throughout my background. I am using a stencil brush and you just want a small amount on your brush so that it stays within your stencil. You can either pounce or or swirl it on. Let dry. 

At this point, you could stencil or paint a large heart in the center of your canvas. I am just going to add my glass. I am using a large heart stencil to form my heart and then adding clear glass.

Next, we will add resin. We're going to elevate our canvas using blocks. Mix 2 ounces of resin and stir gently for three minutes. Then, drizzle over your glass. Pour the...

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Lotta Love 💕

hearts valentine's day Feb 01, 2023

I have lots of fun, festive seed beads to create a cute Valentine's Day art piece. This one is all about the hearts, and is very simple to make. If you can draw a heart, you can make this DIY Valentine's Day decor. We will be painting the background, making the hearts, and adding lots of seed beads and resin.

We are using a 10x10 canvas and I will start by painting my background with Metallic White. Pull your paint in one direction so that metallic shines really nicely. Let dry.

Grab your tracer, tape it to the canvas, place transfer paper underneath, and trace your hearts with a stylus onto the canvas. I will have some hearts hanging off the canvas too.

I am going to paint my hearts now - I am going to paint some red, some pearl, and some pink. I am going to do two coats on each heart. Let dry in between coats.

Take your graphic pen and do some detail work. I am just going to outline my hearts with short strokes, not perfectly outlining. 

Now, I am going...

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Valentine's Gnome ❤️

gnome heart valentine's day Jan 25, 2023

I went to Hobby Lobby and couldn't leave without my obligatory Valentine's Day Gnome! This cutie was only $1.79 and is a wooden gnome that is approximately 14x8. We are going to transform this little guy with some fun acrylic paint colors, resin, and beautiful seed beads.

The first thing I'm going to do is take the string off. I don't want to get paint on it, so I'll remove it and add it back on once my piece is dry.

I'm going to start by painting his hat and sleeves with Cherry Red. Then, I'll paint his nose with a peachy skin tone color. I'll add a tiny bit of white for a highlight and a tiny bit of red for some shadowing. 

Then, I'll paint the brim of his hat with white paint. I'll also add some shading with gray paint. Next, I'll paint his entire beard with a coat of gray paint and add in some white streak for some dimension. I'll also paint his gloves with black paint with some white shading for highlighting and the same for his boots.

Now, we are going to work on the...

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XO Heart 💗

heart valentine's day Jan 18, 2023

We are creating a simple XO Heart project that would be perfect for Valentine's Day! If you are a beginner, this is a great place to start. This one only requires minimal glass and only two paint colors. 

I have some glass strips that I spray painted with just a mist of pink. I also have a round glass bottle ring that I grabbed from Etsy. I misted that with just a tad of Metallic Gold spray paint. I also have some Rose Gold glass pieces. Let's get started!

First, I'll paint the background with Metallic White and a tiny bit of Metallic Rose. 

I will trim my glass strips to fit onto my canvas. The strips will be standing up on their edges, so I cut one of the strips in half so that it can cross through the middle to create our X. Use tacky glue to secure your X in place.

Grab your tracer, tape it to the canvas, place transfer paper underneath, and trace your heart with a stylus onto the canvas. 

Paint your heart with Metallic Pink paint. It will...

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An Absolute Heart of Gold 💛

heart valentine's day Feb 13, 2022

We are making one last Valentine's Day piece! We're doing a gold Valentine heart on an 8x8 canvas with some splashes of hot pink, gold, and white paint to create something simple, yet festive for the holiday. Plus, we're going to make it fancy with some gold glass! Let's get started!

Start by covering the top third of your canvas with white paint. I'm also going to put a bit of white on the bottom to help with my pink. Then, I'm going to cover the bottom half with the pink paint, making a straight and separate white and pink section. 

I'm going to use a small palette knife with some white paint and just slide some of that white through the pink section. 

Next, I'm going to take a bit of pink and white on my palette knife and come along the top section as well. I'm also going to add a little bit of gold to my palette knife and add that to the entire canvas. Let dry or use a heat gun.

Next, I'm going to trace my heart onto my canvas. I want the heart to be half in the...

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Lots of Love for this Heart Trio!

heart valentine's day Feb 07, 2022

Today, we are making a heart trio with a painted heart, an animal print heart, and a glass heart. When you want to do it all, you just do it all! 

First, I'm going to start with painting my 8x10 canvas white, so we have a nice, clean slate. I'm using Anita's White. 

Next, tape your tracer to your canvas. Then, tuck your graphite paper under your tracer and trace your hearts with your stylus onto your canvas. 

I'm painting the big heart black. This will be my animal print heart, so if I don't have enough foil, it will be okay. 

Next, I'm painting my center heart a cherry red color. 

Finally, I'm painting my last heart with in an aqua blue color. (I know it seems crazy, but it looks good in my head!) Let dry or use a heat gun to dry.

To add the animal print foil, we first need to use size adhesive on the black heart. It goes on kind of white and then drys clear. Use a paintbrush to just brush the size onto the black heart. You can't force dry...

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