This Valentine's Balloon Gnome is made with lots of love and whimsy!

gnome valentine's day Jan 10, 2022

Today we are making another painted glass art piece - a Valentine's Day gnome holding a heart-shaped balloon! This little guy is giving me all of the heart eyes 😍 and is so whimsical! I used a combination of various acrylic paint as well as resin and red seed beads to give the balloon a little texture and dimension! Watch my latest Facebook Live where I walk you through step-by-step on how to create this Valentine's Day gnome!

We will start by adding our tracer to our 8 x 10 canvas. Put a sheet of graphite paper underneath and tape it down so it doesn't move around on your canvas. Then, using your stylus, trace the image onto your canvas.

I already put two coats of the Anita's White paint onto my canvas. It has two nice coats of paint on it already just to keep it fresh, so now we're going to just start painting. I'm going to use this pink watercolor pencil because I want to make stripes on his hat. 

Then, I'm going to paint his coat, starting from the bottom. I'm going to start with a little bit of gray and then we're going to put some white in it. I'll also paint the sleeves.

Next, this color is called Warm Beige from Americana and we are going to paint his nose and hands.

Next, I'm painting the heart on his hat a bright pink and adding some red to his nose and hands (because he's cold!)

Now I'm going to get a nice flat brush and paint his beard. I'm going to start with white and then I'm going to add a little bit of gray. I'm covering the whole thing with white and then I'm just going to come in and just make some wiggle lines with the gray. Just to give it some personality.

I'm going to get a small brush again, and I'm going to paint black on his shoes. This is Anita's Black. While that's wet, I'm going to add a little bit of white, just on the very tippy tip. And I'm going to just make myself a little line across the top of and bottom of the shoes, just to give it a highlight. 
Next, we're going to work on the stripes of his hat. I'm doing red and white stripes. It' doesn't need to be perfect stripes, because it is a hat that is crinkled down. While that is drying, I'm also adding some red and white accents to my pink heart. 

I'm going to paint the balloon now. I'm using red paint, and we're just going to do one coat because I will be putting glass on this part. I'll also add some pink and white accents. Then, I am going to hit those red stripes with a second coat of paint.

Next, I'm going to paint the white stripes of his hat. For these stripes, I'm going to start with white and then add a tiny bit of gray to them as well. Now, we're done with painting!

Now I am going to outline this little cutie with my archive quality pen. I am going to use short strokes to detail his beard and them move on the rest of my gnome. Just outlining and adding some short detail strokes. I am also drawing the balloon string, connecting the balloon to his hand. I am drawing a string bow too. 

I'm going to do this a little backwards and pour resin first. Then we're going to very gently add our red seed beads to the heart and we can push them around as need be. We're going to elevate our canvas using blocks. Mix 1/2 ounce of resin and stir gently for three minutes. Then, pour the resin right onto your canvas and spread it on with gloved fingers.

Before I add my seed beads, I am going to pop those bubbles. You can use a heat gun. You do not have to use a torch. Then, I'm going to put some red seed beads into a tiny cup. I'm literally just going to sprinkle seed beads very gently, and then I can move them around with my stylus and kind of push them where I want them. 

This is perfect! I love this little guy!

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