St. Patrick Gnome with Shamrock ☘️

gnome st. patrick's day Mar 06, 2024

I am showing you how to paint this cute little St.Patrick's Day Gnome! We will go over exactly how to paint this from start to finish, and then we will add some green seed beads to his shamrock and hat. This is so festive and fun to create, and is perfect for any beginner glass artist!

Grab your tracer, tape it to your canvas, place graphite paper underneath, and trace your gnome with a stylus.

I'm going to start by painting his beard with a mix of white paint and Cableknit Gray paint. I'll paint his nose with flesh-colored paint. I'll add some white paint for a highlight and red paint for a shadow on his nose.

Next, I'll paint the shamrock and hat with green paint. Then, I'll do a second coat. I'll add some shadows and detail lines with black acrylic paint. I'll use the end of a paintbrush to add dots to his hat with white paint. Dry with a heat tool.

I'm going to use black paint to add his shoes along with some white paint for highlights. Then, I'll take my white and gray paint...

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St. Paddy's Heart ☘️

heart st. patrick's day Feb 21, 2024

We are creating a festive St. Patrick's Day art piece today with a green heart and shamrock. I found these adorable plastic shamrocks at Hobby Lobby that we will add to our canvas along with some green glass. This is an 8x10 canvas and is perfect for the upcoming holiday!

Start by covering your entire background with white paint. Then, I'm going to use a large dot sponge brush and pounce a light green paint color throughout the background (I am using Fresh Cut Grass). I'll mix in some white to get the right shade that I want. I'll use the plastic from my canvas wrapping to pounce the paint as well. Dry with a heat tool.

Grab your tracer, tape it to your canvas, place graphite paper underneath, and trace your heart and shamrock onto your canvas with a stylus. 

I am going to paint a basecoat of Fresh Cut Grass onto my heart and shamrock. Dry with a heat tool. Add a second coat of light green to your heart, and while it is wet, blend in a darker green color...

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Shamrock ☘️

st. patrick's day Mar 08, 2023

We are using a 6x6 canvas today to create a St. Patrick's Day themed shamrock art piece. This one is super easy and festive for the upcoming holiday! All you'll need is a handful of paint colors and some Starfire glass. 

First, add a coat of white paint to your background. Let dry or dry with a heat gun. Then, I'm adding Grass Green and a little bit of Delta Straw (yellow) to my background. 

Grab your tracer, tape it to the canvas, place transfer paper underneath, and trace your shamrock with a stylus onto the canvas. 

Paint your shamrock with a Kelly Green color. I'll do one coat of Kelly Green and then I'm adding a coat of Metallic Emerald paint. Then, I'll add a little bit of Metallic White - just a few strokes of color to highlight. Let dry or dry with a heat gun.

I'll paint some white dots on my shamrock - I'll do two coats so we have more coverage. I'll also add a bit of yellow paint to them too. Then, use a dotting tool to make some...

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Lucky you! It's a St. Patrick's Day Gnome! 🍀

gnome st. patrick's day Mar 02, 2022

Today, we are making a St. Patrick's Day Gnome (You know I love my gnomes!) and we'll be using lots of acrylic paint, some gold glass for his pot of gold, and some green glass to create a shamrock. I'll also be doing a fun green ombre effect on his hat. Let's get started!

We're going to start with the background and we're going to do some fun colors. First, squirt some white paint on your 8x8 canvas along with a little bit of light green. Let dry.

Next, we're going to tape our tracer to the canvas. Place graphite paper underneath and trace your gnome with your stylus. (If you're part of The Shattered Circle, you get TWO tracers for this project!)

Now, let's start painting! I'm going to start by painting his beard white with a small, flat brush. Then, I'm going to paint his nose and hands with warm beige paint. 

Next, I'm going to paint his clothes a dark green. Then, I'm going to do an ombre effect on his hat. Starting with a darker green on the bottom and working my...

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