Beach Abstract with Modeling Paste 🌊

abstract beach May 01, 2024

This stunning beach abstract is both fun and beginner-friendly! It requires minimal painting, no tracer, and the best part is, you can't mess it up! We'll be using modeling paste, glass, acrylic bubbles, and resin to bring the tranquil beauty of the beach to your artwork. 

I am using an 8x8 wood canvas from Hobby Lobby. I will start by using painter's tape to split my surface in half. I'll paint the top area's background and sides with Tropical Blue acrylic paint. Dry with a heat tool and then add your painter's tape back so that you can add color to the bottom half. I will paint the bottom background and sides with black acrylic paint. Dry with a heat tool again.

Use the back of your palette knife to apply modeling paste to the blue area of your wooden canvas. Apply it quickly and you do not need to be perfect about it. While the paste is still wet, dip your palette knife in Slate Gray paint and barely swipe it across the modeling paste. I'll use this same...

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Pretty Abstract

abstract Aug 10, 2022

Today, we are making a pretty abstract 11x14 piece with gray, blue, metallic gold, taupe, and white paint along with some gold leaf foil and glass. This is going to be a monochromatic art piece for my bathroom and I love the way it turned out! (I also make a mistake and show you exactly how to fix it!) 

First, I'm going to start by drawing a horizontal line about a 1/3 of the way down my canvas. I'm going to add the darker gray paint to the top of my canvas. On the bottom, I'm adding a smoky blue color. Let dry.

Next, I'm adding Oyster White and Anita's White over the top with a large chip brush. I'm just adding the paint from left to right over the top of gray/blue color. Let dry.

I'm going to define my line again with a tiny amount of a khaki and white paint. I'm going to bring the color down a little bit on my canvas too. Let dry.

Now I'm adding some metallic gold paint! I'm taking some paint on just the tips of my bristles and going...

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