Beach Abstract with Modeling Paste 🌊

abstract beach May 01, 2024

This stunning beach abstract is both fun and beginner-friendly! It requires minimal painting, no tracer, and the best part is, you can't mess it up! We'll be using modeling paste, glass, acrylic bubbles, and resin to bring the tranquil beauty of the beach to your artwork. 

I am using an 8x8 wood canvas from Hobby Lobby. I will start by using painter's tape to split my surface in half. I'll paint the top area's background and sides with Tropical Blue acrylic paint. Dry with a heat tool and then add your painter's tape back so that you can add color to the bottom half. I will paint the bottom background and sides with black acrylic paint. Dry with a heat tool again.

Use the back of your palette knife to apply modeling paste to the blue area of your wooden canvas. Apply it quickly and you do not need to be perfect about it. While the paste is still wet, dip your palette knife in Slate Gray paint and barely swipe it across the modeling paste. I'll use this same...

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Starfish Beach Art 🌊

beach Jan 03, 2024

I found a beautiful dusty rose starfish ornament at Hobby Lobby and I'm creating a beach art piece with lots of shells, driftwood, glass, and seed beads. This one has no tracer and minimal painting (just the background!), so you can easily recreate this and use whatever you have in your stash! 

We are working with an 8x16 canvas. Start by painting your background with white paint. Next, I am going to blend in some Cactus Flower pink paint. Use your brush flat and apply the color from side to side. Dry with a heat tool.

I will use the flat side of my paintbrush and apply more white paint on top, just lightly swiping the brush from side to side to create more dimension. Dry again.

Now, let's add all of our glass and goodies! I am going to add about half of a bag of Rose Gold glass. I'll situate my starfish towards the right side of my canvas in the glass. I'll fill in any spots with Starfire glass. Then, I'll arrange my shells, piece of driftwood, and a few pearl beads...

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Seaglass Beach 🌊

beach summer Aug 09, 2023

I am dreaming of the beach, so we are going to squeeze in one last beach art piece before the summer is over! We are working with an 8x8 canvas, and this art project has minimal painting and lots of glass goodies. We'll be adding sea glass in blues and greens, tinted seashells, Caribbean Blue and Solex glass, flat gems, seed beads, bubbles, and more! 

First, I am going to paint a beach background. I am going to paint the lower portion of my canvas with Vintage White for the sand. Then, I'll use Spa Blue, Castaway, and white paint to create my ocean and sky. I'm using Castaway for the ocean and going lighter towards the top of my canvas, blending the colors together. Dry with a heat tool.

Next, I am going to lay out some of the glass onto my canvas. I am adding the Solex glass, Caribbean Blue glass, and tinted seashells right where my sand and ocean meet. (We will add the rest of the sea glass, seed beads, and other glass after the resin is on)

Next, we'll add resin....

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Ocean Jellyfish 🌊

beach May 24, 2023

I am showing you how to make a beautiful ocean-themed art piece with jellyfish with lots of fun glass embellishments such as acrylic bubbles, crushed glass, clear vitrigraph, and a small glass globe that I broke some pieces from. This one requires a minimal amount of painting and is great for beginners just getting started in glass art!

I am starting by painting my canvas with white paint. Then, I'll add a little bit of Calypso Blue to the background. Next, I'll take some of the blue and some of the white on the very tips of my bristles and create some squiggle lines. Dry with a heat tool.

Place your clear glass globe pieces onto your canvas to determine where each of your jellyfish will be located. Then, take some Metallic White paint, load your paintbrush, and twist and turn it down your canvas to create some tentacles. I'll also mix in some Metallic Teal and use the same technique. 

Do the same thing with your second jellyfish, but have your tentacles going in the...

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Easy Beach Art 🌊

beach May 10, 2023

I am showing you how to make a simple beach-themed art piece with all of the glass goodies and shells! We'll start by painting our ocean background and then we'll add our embellishments and resin. Creating beach art is one of my favorite things to do, and this one is great for beginners just starting out with glass art!

We are splitting our canvas into three different areas - sky, ocean, and sand. We are going to paint the bottom of our canvas with Vintage White and white to make our sand. Then, I'll use Sky Blue for my sky along with some white paint to create some soft clouds. Then, I'll paint my ocean with Prussian Blue, Tropical Blue, and white. I'll use my darker blue towards the horizon and gradually blend in the Tropical Blue and then the white as I get closer to the shoreline. Dry with a heat tool.

Next, I'll paint some birds in my sky with a smaller brush and some white paint. It's as easy as painting some Vs in the sky! Let dry, then grab your graphic pen and add...

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Turtle Crawl 🐢

beach Dec 14, 2022

I bought a cute turtle ornament from Hobby Lobby that I've been waiting to use, so we are going to make a beach scene with it! I'm going to use bubbles, clear glass, seed beads, shells, Starfire, texture for the sand, and more to pull this all together. 

I am using an 8x16 canvas. I am going to start by painting my whole canvas white. Then, I'll mix some Vintage White with some Coarse Texture Gel to create a sandy texture on the right side of my canvas. I'll apply this with a palette knife. Then, I'll paint the other half of my canvas and sides with blue and more white paint. Let dry.

Now, we'll add our glass and goodies! I have Starfire glass, clear glass, shells, Sea glass beads, bubbles, crushed sea shells, and my cute little turtle. I'll have my turtle hanging off of the edge of the bottom of my canvas. I'll add all of my glass and shells to the sandy part of my canvas, add resin, and then add my turtle.

Next, we will add resin. We're going to elevate...

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Beach Art 🌊

beach summer Jun 09, 2022

Today, we are doing a textured, monochromatic art piece with a fun, beach feel! We are going to start with a 6x6 canvas and we are adding some plaster to create a gritty, sandy texture. Next, we'll add some shells, glass, and resin to create a beautiful summery art piece!

I'm using Sandstone from Faux Effects to create the sand texture. You can also use Coarse Texture Gel to get the same look. Lastly, you can also just literally use sand mixed with glue and apply that to your canvas.

I'm applying my plaster with a palette knife - not covering it completely or perfectly. Let dry.

I'm going to add some Anita's Metallic White paint to the top of my plaster, so it's a little softer and glamourous. Let dry.

I have a cute little starfish, oyster shell, and some other white and off-white shells to add. I also have a piece of glass, white stones, Starfire glass, bubbles, and seed beads. 

I'm going paint my starfish with the Metallic White to make it all match better! Then, I'm...

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