Turtle Crawl 🐢

beach Dec 14, 2022

I bought a cute turtle ornament from Hobby Lobby that I've been waiting to use, so we are going to make a beach scene with it! I'm going to use bubbles, clear glass, seed beads, shells, Starfire, texture for the sand, and more to pull this all together. 

I am using an 8x16 canvas. I am going to start by painting my whole canvas white. Then, I'll mix some Vintage White with some Coarse Texture Gel to create a sandy texture on the right side of my canvas. I'll apply this with a palette knife. Then, I'll paint the other half of my canvas and sides with blue and more white paint. Let dry.

Now, we'll add our glass and goodies! I have Starfire glass, clear glass, shells, Sea glass beads, bubbles, crushed sea shells, and my cute little turtle. I'll have my turtle hanging off of the edge of the bottom of my canvas. I'll add all of my glass and shells to the sandy part of my canvas, add resin, and then add my turtle.

Next, we will add resin. We're going to elevate...

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Beach Art 🌊

beach summer Jun 09, 2022

Today, we are doing a textured, monochromatic art piece with a fun, beach feel! We are going to start with a 6x6 canvas and we are adding some plaster to create a gritty, sandy texture. Next, we'll add some shells, glass, and resin to create a beautiful summery art piece!

I'm using Sandstone from Faux Effects to create the sand texture. You can also use Coarse Texture Gel to get the same look. Lastly, you can also just literally use sand mixed with glue and apply that to your canvas.

I'm applying my plaster with a palette knife - not covering it completely or perfectly. Let dry.

I'm going to add some Anita's Metallic White paint to the top of my plaster, so it's a little softer and glamourous. Let dry.

I have a cute little starfish, oyster shell, and some other white and off-white shells to add. I also have a piece of glass, white stones, Starfire glass, bubbles, and seed beads. 

I'm going paint my starfish with the Metallic White to make it all match better! Then, I'm...

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