Got Any Grapes? 🍷

drink Jun 11, 2024

Looking for a fun and unique art project? In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create stunning glass art using half of a wine bottle. This project, set on an 8x14 canvas, combines painting and glasswork to form a beautiful bunch of grapes, complete with purple flat gems and vitrigraph. I'll guide you through each step, from painting the canvas to adding the final glass details!

Start by painting the sides and front of your canvas with a light yellow, like Golden Glow. Dry with a heat tool.

Grab a metal palette knife, dip the back of it in your Golden Glow again, and lightly swipe it up and down your canvas. I'll also do the same thing with Burnt Orange, blending the two colors together. Do the same thing on the sides of your canvas, and then dry with a heat tool.

Next, I'll use a script style stencil to add some texture to my background. Lay your stencil onto the canvas, dip a stencil brush into Metallic Gold paint, and then swirl it off onto a piece of paper towel....

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Lime Margarita

drink summer Apr 26, 2023

I am making a fun lime margarita art piece on a 6x12 canvas, complete with acrylic paint, sheet glass pieces, and glass rings to bring it all together. This is such a fun spring or summer project, and it's very easy to create too! I'm showing you step-by-step how to make this and breaking it all down for you here!

I am starting by painting my canvas with white paint. Then, I'll add a little bit of Tropical Blue paint and start swirling it into a circle in the middle of my canvas. I'm making it darker on the outer edges and lighter in the middle. Let dry or dry with a heat gun.

Grab your tracer, tape it to the canvas, place graphite paper underneath, and transfer your margarita with a stylus onto the canvas. 

Now, we are going to paint! First, I am painting the entire glass with white paint. Then, I am using Schoolbus Yellow and Hauser Green Light to add that margarita mix color. Let dry or dry with a heat gun.

Next, I am going to add some more shadowing...

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