Valentine Hearts 💕

hearts valentine's day Jan 24, 2024

We are creating some pretty Valentine's Day art with two hearts and some love quotes! I will show you how I painted these hearts and added the glass and resin. This is a great one for beginners and would make a great gift for Valentine's Day or just some DIY Valentine's Day home decor.

I am going to start by sketching two hearts onto my canvas with a pink watercolor pencil. Then, I'm going to add some Royal Fuschia, Pink Melon, and white paint to my bottom heart. I'm going to be adding glass on top of this heart, so it doesn't need to be perfect. 

Then, I'm going to paint the top heart with Aquamarine, Metallic Teal, and white paint. I'll also add Pure Gold around the edges of each heart. 

I'm going to take a bigger brush and add white paint to my background while blending in some purple. and pink. Dry with a heat tool.

Take a graphic marker and write some cute quotes if you would like! I am going to write "Love never fails" and "Love is is kind". This is...

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Lace Heart Trio 💕


I am using an 8x16 canvas to create a trio of hearts! I am using a stencil to paint the first heart, adding foil and beads to my second heart, and adding glass to the last heart. This is very simple to make - especially if you have a few stencils in your stash! This is also a fun way to explore different embellishments, like foil, glass, and seed beads in your artwork.

Let's start by painting our background! I am using pink paint, teal paint, and white paint. Start by applying a coat of white to the entire canvas, then add the teal towards the top and the pink toward the bottom. I like keeping my strokes messy and random, blending the colors together where they meet. Dry with a heat tool.

Add your first heart using pink paint. I'll also blend in some white for highlighting. Then, grab your lace stencil, tape it to the canvas on top of your heart, and use a stencil brush to apply red paint. Dip your brush into the red, swirl some off onto a paper towel, and apply your paint in a...

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Valentine's Gumball Machine 💕

hearts valentine's day Feb 15, 2023

I found some cute little wooden conversation hearts at Hobby Lobby for a dollar and I knew I had to make an art piece with them! My plan is to create a gumball machine, but instead of gumballs, it will be filled with these little hearts. We are working with an 8x10 canvas along with some acrylic paint, wooden hearts, and resin.

First, we are going to start by painting the background. I am using a mix of white paint and Cactus Flower, a light pink. 

Grab your tracer, tape it to the canvas, place transfer paper underneath, and trace your gumball machine with a stylus onto the canvas. 

First, I am going to paint the red parts of my machine. Then, I'm going to paint the silver parts of my machine with Metallic Tin. I'll also add some black to that area right where the coin goes.

I'll take my tracer and just add in some of those details lines on my machine. I'm going to continue to add some extra shadows and highlights with white and black paint. Let dry....

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Lotta Love 💕

hearts valentine's day Feb 01, 2023

I have lots of fun, festive seed beads to create a cute Valentine's Day art piece. This one is all about the hearts, and is very simple to make. If you can draw a heart, you can make this DIY Valentine's Day decor. We will be painting the background, making the hearts, and adding lots of seed beads and resin.

We are using a 10x10 canvas and I will start by painting my background with Metallic White. Pull your paint in one direction so that metallic shines really nicely. Let dry.

Grab your tracer, tape it to the canvas, place transfer paper underneath, and trace your hearts with a stylus onto the canvas. I will have some hearts hanging off the canvas too.

I am going to paint my hearts now - I am going to paint some red, some pearl, and some pink. I am going to do two coats on each heart. Let dry in between coats.

Take your graphic pen and do some detail work. I am just going to outline my hearts with short strokes, not perfectly outlining. 

Now, I am going...

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