Yellow Vase Flower 🌼

flower spring Apr 23, 2024

Let's create a stunning yellow flower using cut vase glass! What makes this tutorial especially fun is its beginner-friendly approach – minimal painting is required, and no tracer is needed. Instead, we'll let the beauty of the glass itself take center stage, allowing its natural color and texture to shape the petals of our flower. 

We are using an 8x8 canvas. Start by painting your background with a coat of white acrylic paint. Then, blend in some light yellow paint. I'll also use my canvas plastic to dab my paint to give it some texture and lighten it up. Dry with a heat tool.

Now let's build a flower using glass! Take a generous amount of clear glass and add it to your canvas. This should be an organic shape, not a perfect circle. I had a yellow vase that I busted up with my pliers I will just start adding these glass pieces and layering them to create my yellow flower petals. 

For my flower center, I am going to use a glass chip piece. I also have a cut piece of green vase glass that I will use to add a little leaf to my flower petals. I have chunks of clear glass that I will add to my art piece here and there too. 

We're going to elevate our canvas using blocks. Mix 2 ounces of resin and stir gently for three minutes. Pour the resin onto your glass and spread it onto your canvas using your gloved fingers or brush. 

Use a heat gun to pop your bubbles. Keep your heat moving at all times! Finally, I'll sprinkle some acrylic bubbles throughout my flower.

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