Snowballs for Sale Snowman ☃️

snowman winter Dec 08, 2022

Today we have a cute little snowman that is going to be all glass! I cut a hat out of sheet glass, I have cardinal gemstones, and I have a glass scarf cut from a mercury glass vase. I have lots of other goodies to add to my canvas along with an adorable sign that says "Snowballs 4 Sale" and some crackle stenciling for the background. Let's get started!

We are using an 8x10 canvas. First, we are going to paint our background with white paint and then I'm going to add a light blue. I'll keep the bottom white for my snow. Let dry. Then, I'm going to take my crackle stencil and use a round brush to add Metallic White paint. 

Grab your tracer, tape it to the canvas, place transfer paper underneath, and trace your snowman scene with a stylus onto the canvas. Then, I'm going to paint my snowman white. Let dry and do a second coat of white. I'm also going to add a little bit of Oyster Beige for shadowing. Let dry.


Now, we are going to add our...

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Christmas Tree 🎄

christmas winter Nov 17, 2022

We are creating a simple and beautiful Christmas Tree out of a green votive candle. We'll be using an 8x10 canvas for this and adding candle glass nips, beads, acrylic paint, and more. This is a great way to use a cheap or broken candle votive in a festive and creative way - perfect for beginners too!

First, we will start by painting our background with Anita's White, Anita's Metallic White, and a tiny bit of Sky Blue.

Then, I'm going to take some Traditional Burnt Umber to paint on my tree trunk. Let dry.

I grabbed a green votive candle holder for 3 bucks and cut some glass nips from it. I'm using wheel knippers from Home Depot. Hold your vase sideways and cut around. You will get a curved shape kind of like a tree branch! Use a honing stone to dull your points.

I lined my pieces up by size and I'll just arrange my glass pieces onto my canvas to create a tree. I'm going to use a tiny bit of tacky glue to keep them in place. I'm also going to add some clear glass to the bottom...

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Snowman Hat ☃️

christmas winter Nov 03, 2022

Today we are making a cute little snowman hat with two red birds perched on the top. I'll be using some red flat beads for the birds, glass, seed beads, paint, and other goodies. We are all ready for the Christmas and Winter projects and this one is so fun and unique!

First, we are going to start by painting the background. I am using white and Spa Blue to cover my canvas. Let dry. 

Grab your tracer, tape it to the canvas, place graphite paper underneath, and trace your hat and birds with a stylus onto the canvas. 

Now, we are going to start painting! I am painting the hat with black paint and the band with red paint. I am also painting the birds red. Let dry and do a second coat for the red.

I am also going to add a tiny bit of white and black on the hat band for some highlights and shadowing. I am adding some white to the hat for some highlights too. Let dry.

I am going to take my flat red beads and paint the tiniest yellow beak on it with an eyelash brush....

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