Red, White, and Blue Flag


I love making flags and I love to make them messy! For this one, we'll be smattering in some red, white, and blue all together as well as some stars. I'll be adding some fun glass to my canvas as well. This is a great piece to make for Memorial Day, the 4th of July, or just because! 

First, we'll start by grabbing our tracer and taping it to the canvas. Place graphite paper underneath and trace your lines with a stylus. I'll wait to add the stars until after paint is added. This is an 8x10 canvas.

I'm using Midnight Blue and Deep Midnight Blue to paint the left blue section of the canvas. For the red, we're doing Primary Red. And then white paint for the stripes. I'm also going to use some metallic gold too. I'm going to start by painting the white stripes and then the red stripes.

Now, I'm going to paint the left corner with blue. 

Now, it's time to get it messy! I'm going to use a palette knife to add some white paint into the red stripes and my blue...

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Dandelion Blowing in the Wind

flower spring May 31, 2022

My sister (and many of my members!) have been begging me to do a dandelion, so I thought, "let's just go for it!" We are going to be working on a 5x7 canvas with some acrylic paint, a graphic pen, and some bronze, green, and Starfire glass. This is a simple and easy one to do!

We are going to start by painting our background white along with some Mermaid Blue. This will give us a little bit of a sky blue color. Let dry.

Next, grab your tracer and tape it to your canvas. Place your graphite paper underneath and trace your dandelion with your stylus.

Now it's time to paint! I'm using Crocodile Green and Burnt Umber. Take some of your Umber paint and dot it onto your canvas in a circle to create your dandelion center. Add some extra green dots over top. Let dry.

Most of our detail work is going to be done with our Master's Touch graphic pen. I'm going to draw on all of the little seeds, stems, and fluff of the dandelion. Hit that with your heat gun again to make sure that your...

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Antique Glaze Technique

antique May 25, 2022

Today, I am showing you how to mix a glazing medium to tone and antique your art piece! You will need a measuring cup, glazing medium, Burnt Umber acrylic paint, and a piece of an old t-shirt. 

Pour 1 ounce of glaze into your cup and then mix in 1 teaspoon of your Burnt Umber color. Test your color and add more if you'd like. I'm going to add a 1/2 teaspoon more. Now it's time to apply the mix to your piece!

If you are new to this, work in sections! Just add your color to your canvas. Don't go slow - your time to remove and blend this is limited. Get it on as fast as you can before it starts to dry.

Take your t-shirt piece and just wipe it straight down. Remove all of that excess glaze. Wipe in one direction - not up and down, or side to side. 

Do one section at a time and repeat for your entire art piece. For my piece, I'm doing all of the outside texture as well as the door. For my bottom section, I'm wiping in one direction - left to right.

And that's it!...

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Bunny with Sunflower 🌻

bunny May 12, 2022

Today we are making a special project for my mom's birthday! I am recreating a jar that she painted probably back in the 90s that broke. I'm going to paint it as close to her original as possible! Let's get started.

I'm using a 5 x 7 canvas and painting the background white first. I'm adding a smoky blue color with up-and-down paint strokes (just like the jar). I'm also going to paint the canvas edges as well. Let dry.

Next, grab your tracer and tape it to your canvas. Place your graphite paper underneath and trace your bunny with your stylus. Just trace the outside edge and not any of the details yet. Then, fill in your bunny with white paint. Let dry and do a second coat.

Make sure your canvas is dry. Add your tracer back to your canvas and now trace the details with your stylus. 

Now, it's time to paint details! First, I'm painting the ears, cheeks, and nose with a pink color. Next, I'm going to use my stylus in some black paint to add tiny dots for the eyes. Then, I'm...

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Cute Animal Print Bunny 🐰

animal print bunny easter May 04, 2022

We are doing a cute little 5x7 animal print bunny today - just the silhouette - using some gorgeous animal print foil and a pink glass tail. This one is so fun, simple, and easy! Such a great project for beginners!

First, we're going to start by painting our background. I'm doing a pink Dragonfruit color as well as mixing some white paint in. This is really going to make that animal print pop! Let dry.

Next, grab your tracer and tape it to your canvas. Place your graphite paper underneath and trace your bunny with your stylus. 

Now it's time to add our animal print foil! We are going to use foil adhesive. Just paint it on to your entire bunny silhouette, making sure to cover those tracer lines. Let dry. Next, lay your animal print foil pattern-side up onto your canvas. Press it down and scrub it onto your canvas to transfer the pattern. 

I'm going to take my graphic pen to add some details. I'm outlining my entire bunny and adding some whiskers. Then, I'm going to...

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Cute Flower Art

flower spring Mar 27, 2022

I'm feeling spring, so today we are making some cute flower art with two 4 x 12 canvases! I'm also doing a little tutorial on how to create glass flower petals and I'm going over my favorite products to use for making those. This is so simple and so pretty. 

First, I'll explain how I created my flower petals. I've had this clear iridescent plate for a long time, and I'm finally going to use it to make some flowers. I just take my glass nippers and slowly go around the plate to create my petals. Then, I use my stone to dull some of those sharp edges.

Let's paint our background. I am doing took different colors - one is going to have blue paint and the other canvas is going to have some purple. Start with a coat of fresh white and then add a tiny dot of your color to spread throughout the canvas. I'm keeping it lighter at the bottom and darker at the top. Let dry.

Now it's time to place your glass onto your canvas. I'm going to do one at a time. Take your glass...

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Lucky you! It's a St. Patrick's Day Gnome! 🍀

gnome st. patrick's day Mar 02, 2022

Today, we are making a St. Patrick's Day Gnome (You know I love my gnomes!) and we'll be using lots of acrylic paint, some gold glass for his pot of gold, and some green glass to create a shamrock. I'll also be doing a fun green ombre effect on his hat. Let's get started!

We're going to start with the background and we're going to do some fun colors. First, squirt some white paint on your 8x8 canvas along with a little bit of light green. Let dry.

Next, we're going to tape our tracer to the canvas. Place graphite paper underneath and trace your gnome with your stylus. (If you're part of The Shattered Circle, you get TWO tracers for this project!)

Now, let's start painting! I'm going to start by painting his beard white with a small, flat brush. Then, I'm going to paint his nose and hands with warm beige paint. 

Next, I'm going to paint his clothes a dark green. Then, I'm going to do an ombre effect on his hat. Starting with a darker green on the bottom and working my...

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What's the buzz? This Gnome & Honey Bee 🐝

bumblebee gnome spring Feb 28, 2022

I got these little glass bumblebees on Etsy and I knew that I had to build an art piece around them! Today, I am making a gnome with a honey bee - complete with a beehive and some swirls, and it's going to be amazing. If you don't have a glass bee to use, just feel free to simply draw one on. 

First, I'm going to start by adding white paint to my 5 x 7 canvas, just to make sure we have a nice, clean, fresh background. I'm also going to add some to the sides. Let dry.

Then, we're going to take the tracer and tape it to our canvas. Place graphite paper underneath and trace your gnome, beehive, and swirl with your stylus. (For those of you that are in The Shattered Circle, you will get this tracer!)

We're only using a few colors in this entire piece! Start by painting the bottom of the gnome's hat black. Then, we will continue up the entire hat with yellow and black stripes. I'll also paint the beehive yellow too.

Next, I'm going to paint his nose. I'm filling in his nose...

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An Absolute Heart of Gold 💛

heart valentine's day Feb 13, 2022

We are making one last Valentine's Day piece! We're doing a gold Valentine heart on an 8x8 canvas with some splashes of hot pink, gold, and white paint to create something simple, yet festive for the holiday. Plus, we're going to make it fancy with some gold glass! Let's get started!

Start by covering the top third of your canvas with white paint. I'm also going to put a bit of white on the bottom to help with my pink. Then, I'm going to cover the bottom half with the pink paint, making a straight and separate white and pink section. 

I'm going to use a small palette knife with some white paint and just slide some of that white through the pink section. 

Next, I'm going to take a bit of pink and white on my palette knife and come along the top section as well. I'm also going to add a little bit of gold to my palette knife and add that to the entire canvas. Let dry or use a heat gun.

Next, I'm going to trace my heart onto my canvas. I want the heart to be half in the...

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Lots of Love for this Heart Trio!

heart valentine's day Feb 07, 2022

Today, we are making a heart trio with a painted heart, an animal print heart, and a glass heart. When you want to do it all, you just do it all! 

First, I'm going to start with painting my 8x10 canvas white, so we have a nice, clean slate. I'm using Anita's White. 

Next, tape your tracer to your canvas. Then, tuck your graphite paper under your tracer and trace your hearts with your stylus onto your canvas. 

I'm painting the big heart black. This will be my animal print heart, so if I don't have enough foil, it will be okay. 

Next, I'm painting my center heart a cherry red color. 

Finally, I'm painting my last heart with in an aqua blue color. (I know it seems crazy, but it looks good in my head!) Let dry or use a heat gun to dry.

To add the animal print foil, we first need to use size adhesive on the black heart. It goes on kind of white and then drys clear. Use a paintbrush to just brush the size onto the black heart. You can't force dry...

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