Lots of Love for this Heart Trio!

heart valentine's day Feb 07, 2022

Today, we are making a heart trio with a painted heart, an animal print heart, and a glass heart. When you want to do it all, you just do it all! 

First, I'm going to start with painting my 8x10 canvas white, so we have a nice, clean slate. I'm using Anita's White. 

Next, tape your tracer to your canvas. Then, tuck your graphite paper under your tracer and trace your hearts with your stylus onto your canvas. 

I'm painting the big heart black. This will be my animal print heart, so if I don't have enough foil, it will be okay. 

Next, I'm painting my center heart a cherry red color. 

Finally, I'm painting my last heart with in an aqua blue color. (I know it seems crazy, but it looks good in my head!) Let dry or use a heat gun to dry.

To add the animal print foil, we first need to use size adhesive on the black heart. It goes on kind of white and then drys clear. Use a paintbrush to just brush the size onto the black heart. You can't force dry...

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This Valentine's Balloon Gnome is made with lots of love and whimsy!

gnome valentine's day Jan 10, 2022

Today we are making another painted glass art piece - a Valentine's Day gnome holding a heart-shaped balloon! This little guy is giving me all of the heart eyes and is so whimsical! I used a combination of various acrylic paint as well as resin and red seed beads to give the balloon a little texture and dimension! Watch my latest Facebook Live where I walk you through step-by-step on how to create this Valentine's Day gnome!

We will start by adding our tracer to our 8 x 10 canvas. Put a sheet of graphite paper underneath and tape it down so it doesn't move around on your canvas. Then, using your stylus, trace the image onto your canvas.

I already put two coats of the Anita's White paint onto my canvas. It has two nice coats of paint on it already just to keep it fresh, so now we're going to just start painting. I'm going to use this pink watercolor pencil because I want to make stripes on his hat.

Then, I'm going to paint his coat, starting from the bottom. I'm...

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Check out this gorgeous angel with lots of color! 😇

angel christmas Dec 21, 2021

Hello friends! We’re going to make a cute, quick little angel today on a 6x12 canvas. This one is going to have a more bold background than I normally do because I want her dress to pop! I’m excited about this one, so let’s get started.

First, we’re going to paint the background. I’m using white, seafoam green, and beige. Grab your palette knife and spread your paint on the canvas, alternating between the colors. Just kind of "wiggle" the paint on in a natural way. Let dry. 

Tape your angel tracer onto your canvas. Place graphite paper underneath and trace your angel onto the canvas. 

Next, use gold paint to create a halo glow around her head and then use a warm beige color to paint her face and neck. 

We're going to paint her dress now. First, I started with a paintbrush and painted the outline of the top of her dress with white paint. I then took a palette knife to dab some brown into the dress. Next, I used my palette knife to...

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But do you recall the most famous reindeer of all? 🎄

christmas Dec 14, 2021

We're going to do a quick little piece of art that was requested by a little girl. We're going to make her a reindeer! When a seven-year-old girl asks you for a reindeer, you give it to her, right? It's really sweet and whimsical. Let’s get started!

We’re starting with a 5x7 canvas. Before we do our tracer, I am going to paint a quick coat of white and then we'll dry it with a heat gun.

I'm going to take my cute little reindeer and try to get him centered a little on
the canvas and I'm going to trace him, but I'm not going to trace his antlers because I have
something special planned for that. I'm just going to trace the outer parts of his head.

Now, we’re going to paint him brown. I’m using this Folk Art Rusted Pipe. It will take two coats and then I’m going to dry with my heat gun again.

I’m going to put the tracer back on the canvas and get the details - inside of the ears, face, eyes, nose, etc.

Now, we're going to get a small brush and we're...

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Animal Print Ornament

christmas Dec 09, 2021

We are going to make something really fun and different today. I got a little hooked on the foils and started thinking about what else I could do with them. Today, we’re going to make a small canvas with a leopard print ornament and glass Christmas tree! 

I put one coat of paint on this already because I was thinking it was going to need two, and so what I'm using is Deco Art in Enchanted. It is turquoise and it is an iridescent flash paint. It says iridescent top coat acrylic, but it's flash. It goes on white and then as the light hits it, it flashes turquoise green.

We're going to do a cute little animal print ornament, and then we're going to embellish it with a little Christmas tree made of glass. These tiny 4 x 4 canvases come from Michael's. You can buy one or you can buy a whole pack that has about 9 in it, so that's an option too.

You do not need to reinforce the weight. We're not going to be using that much glass on these. If you are trying to make a circle, you...

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